Avanti Passport have a continuing appeal for people wishing to take good quality holidays in sought after locations which offer a host of luxury on site facilities. We pride ourselves on offering high standard accommodation in beautifully maintained surroundings.


We leave no stone unturned in our search for new destinations, new products and new services to tempt new clients to visit our high quality resorts.


Avanti Passport are a team that provides good quality accommodation at selected resorts. Our unique blend of resources builds and delivers innovative products, exclusive resorts, marketing solutions and a great service worldwide.


We are constantly raising the quality across our portfolio by bringing new resorts and hotels up to Avanti Passport standards. Our infrastructure and processes make it easy for partners to deliver and profit from our products. New ideas give you new choices. And our sales and marketing partners always have something new to offer customers. We are quick to respond to changing tastes and lifestyles. Our imaginative development programme includes the extension of our brand into the hotel market.

Leisure Dimensions Limited - Registered in Ireland with company number 390756
Registered office: Loc8 Code, GPS House, Church Bay Road, Crosshaven, Co. Cork, Ireland

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